Ultimate guide about Peruvian Cold Mashed Potato Casserole with Tuna or Chicken
Sep 02, 2023 By Cassandra Bailey

The Peruvian Cold Mashed Potato Casserole with Tuna or Chicken, which can be served cold or at room temperature, is a dish that shows how Peruvian food is a lively mix of different tastes and influences from other cultures. You can eat this meal cold or at room temperature. This one-of-a-kind recipe combines tuna or chicken with the Peruvian base potato to make a dish with a great mix of textures and flavors. This makes a food that is both different and tasty. In Peruvian food, potatoes play an important role.

Before being used in this recipe, the potatoes are usually cooked and mashed until they are very soft. On top of the potatoes is a delicious combination of tuna or chicken, mayonnaise, lime juice, and several other spices and herbs. The last meal is an exciting change from a light and healthy dinner. It's the kind of food that's perfect for hot days in the summer. When you take a bite of this dish and taste its bright colors and intense flavors, you will be taken to the busy streets of Peru.

One Recipe, Infinite Possibilities:

The meal could be served to the customer in many different ways. By tradition, it is filled with a lot of chicken or tuna salad, but you can use whatever ingredients you want. Also, rolling small balls into treats for the group is one of our favorite things. Tuna sauce or avocado can be rolled into small balls and put inside the balls. Everyone at my wedding couldn't stop talking about how great they were. Because they have aji amarillo and the zest of citrus fruits, these tiny balls of mashed potato taste even better than potato chips.

How to Make Causa (Peruvian Cold Mashed Potato)?

Boil some potatoes:

The first thing you'll need to do is boil some potatoes. Peru has tens of thousands of native potato types. None of these varieties, including the yellow version widely used in Peru, are available in the United States. Those who fail to buy the real thing in Peru must settle for a suitable substitute. Even though a Peruvian friend said that russet potatoes were the best choice in the United States, Yukon gold potatoes worked just as well in the recipe.

Aji Amarillo Paste:

Then, you have to add the aji amarillo paste from one of Peru's most famous kinds of chili peppers. You might be able to buy the mix already made at a Latin American store that sells a wide range of products from that area. The best place to start is with whole frozen aji amarillo peppers, which you can get at any Latin American grocery store in the freezer area. You'll get off to a good start with this.

Drop frozen peppers into a pot of hot water and let them sit there for a few minutes. Next, cut off the peppers' stems, cores, and seeds. You don't need to add any extra liquid because all you have to do is put the pepper meat in a blender and mix it until it becomes smooth and uniform. When you make pepper paste at home from frozen peppers, the taste is bright, more prosperous, and fresher than when you buy pepper paste from a store.

Potatoes and Filling:

Before making mashed potatoes, you have to cook the potatoes in some way. You can do this in the oven, the microwave, or by letting them boil. The cooked potato meat is put through a ricer or food mill, and then aji amarillo purée, lime juice, and oil are added. The mixture is then mixed to give the potatoes a uniform golden color. This method gets the answer you want. If you don't do this while the potatoes are still hot, it might be hard to work with them when they are at room temperature. It's best not to put the potatoes in the fridge until all the other ingredients have been mixed.

For the filling in my recipe, you can use either chicken or tuna, but you can also use any other legal type of meat, such as crab if you want to. Mix your choice with enough mayonnaise to make a mixture that can be spread and very finely chopped white onion. The apps will do whatever you tell them to do. Carrots and peas are a typical side dish that has been around for a long time.


The causa can be made as one big serving in a baking dish or several smaller servings in various dishes. Use a ring mold if you want your mashed potatoes to stay in a cylinder form as you spread them out in a baking dish or on a plate. A ring-shaped mold could be used to do this. After that, you should add the center and other parts not required to the salad. The tuna salad served on the plate had avocado slices added, and the tuna salad served in the casserole dish had chopped prawns added. Even though avocado and tuna go well together, experiment by adding other things to this dish.

The last layer of potato mush will be put on top of this. You can add various things to the causa to make it taste better, like black olives, chopped avocado, tomato pieces, a drizzle of mayonnaise, and some fresh herbs. You could also use other things to make patterns or designs to be eaten and put on the cake. After it has been cooked, a casserole-style causa can be made the day before a party or other event and put in the fridge overnight. Even though it's not a standard American dish, it goes well with some of the most famous American foods, like mac and cheese and onion sauce.


In conclusion, the tasty and adaptable Peruvian Cold Mashed Potato Casserole with Tuna or Chicken celebrates Peruvian food's long and rich history. This dish tastes great, whether it is made with chicken or tuna. This recipe is a feast for the eyes and the mouth because it has rich mashed potatoes, tasty tuna or chicken, and a rainbow of colorful veggies. During the summer, this food is comfortable and light. During the winter, it can be served as a hearty main course that is warming. In any case, it will surely please even the pickiest eaters.

When you mix foods with different tastes and textures, each bite becomes a new and exciting adventure in its own right. After eating some delicious Peruvian food, you will feel like you are in the middle of Lima's busy streets. Whether made with chicken or tuna, this food can make you feel fuller after you eat it. Put on an apron, get the ingredients, and get ready to eat the Peruvian Cold Mashed Potato Casserole with Tuna or Chicken. It will become a staple in your home.