Ideas For Instant Pot Chicken Thigh Dishes
Feb 12, 2023 By Cassandra Bailey

Chicken thighs are the perfect protein for quick evening meals. They may be used in various ways, cost little, and have a delicious flavor. This list of the best chicken thigh recipes showcases adaptability with dishes from around the world, such as curry, cacciatore, teriyaki, tagine, biriyani, butter chicken, and many more.

You may use fresh, frozen or skin-on chicken thigh in any of these recipes and still have a delicious, healthy, and speedy Instant Pot meal in no time. Also, learn more about the Instant Pot by reading this guide on cooking chicken thighs.

Honey-Lemon Chicken Proven├žal for the Instant Pot

Here's another dish inspired by the cuisine of southeastern France. "I adore the combination of herbes de Provence. "The honey's sweetness is just right, and the tartness of the lemon cuts through it. When I serve this, my five kids always cheer. Though I cook using an Instant Pot, this dish is readily modified for the oven. As a member of my family, I can only hope that you appreciate it as much as we do."

Instant Pot Apricot-Chickpea Chicken Tagine

This traditional Moroccan cuisine is the inspiration for this sweet delicacy. Onions, garlic, and cinnamon are cooked with chicken until the chicken is soft. Diana71 says the Pot is used to make a dish that tastes like it was patiently cooked in a clay tagine. "This combination of sweet and savory flavors will transport you back to your time in Morocco or make you want to begin organizing your vacation to the Sahara. Accompany with Greek yogurt and rice or couscous."

Butter Chicken Instant Pot

An Instant Pot makes it easy to prepare "this exquisite, richly flavorful meal, originally produced by a Pakistani food cart seller in Delhi," as Shauna James Ahern puts it. "After marinating in yogurt and traditional spices for a whole day, you can complete the entire meal in an Instant Pot, from toasting spices and boiling aromatics to adding the tomatoes and chilies. Even basmati rice may be prepared ahead of time. Wonderful food and wonderful company await at tonight's supper."

Instant Pot Chicken Biryani

Instant Pot chicken thighs without skin and bones are marinated overnight. According to the daily gourmet, "Chicken biryani has origins in both Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, and the flavors will differ based on locale." "I wouldn't go so far as to call this genuine, but it is good. Remember that you'll need to marinade the chicken the night before you cook it in the Instant Pot. I like the fluidity of Mexican crema to that of regular sour cream, therefore that's what I usually use."

Chicken Paprikash with Egg Noodles for the Instant Pot

This Instant Pot paprikash with boneless, skinless chicken thighs and egg noodles is packed with flavor thanks to the paprika and chicken stock. It's "easy and tasty," as Latkins puts it. "I love eating like that! You don't have to use the red peppers that I used. The objective was just to add some flair. This dish is ideal for a satisfying midweek dinner."

Jamaican Chicken Curry for the Instant Pot

Chicken curry from Jamaica, complete with potatoes and carrots, is a breeze to cook in the Instant Pot. Since you probably can't travel to Jamaica soon, Bibi suggests trying this festive chicken meal. "Look for a mix that includes allspice, or add some to your own, if you want to make authentic Jamaican curry. Steamed basmati rice is a nice addition, even with potatoes, but you can omit it or substitute cauli rice if you're watching your carb intake."

Instant Pot Chicken Thighs in a Curry Sauce

Using mild yellow curry powder is key to creating a substantial curry taste without overwhelming the dish. This chicken curry is easy to create. Since I can't stand overpowering heat, I used a light yellow curry powder in this recipe. If you want to adjust the amount of heat, simply swap in a different curry. Add some basmati rice to the dish."

Moroccan Chicken in a Pressure Cooker

Chicken thighs and raisins are the main ingredients in this delicious savory recipe. This dish is elevated to new heights by adding ras el hangout, a mix of spices native to Morocco. Cinnamon, cumin and paprika are some of the sweet and savory spices in this mix. On the off chance that you can't find it in stores, we've provided a recipe. As a side dish, try this Golden Beet and Pomegranate Salad.