Vegan And Vegetarian Eateries In Melbourne
Feb 13, 2023 By Fabian Forte

The capital city of Victoria is no longer in second place when it comes to meatless dining options. Being a vegetarian in Melbourne is no longer a challenge since vegetarian eateries of all price ranges and styles are springing up all over the city.

Vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming increasingly popular as people become more health conscious and more aware of the need to eat sustainably. But how can one choose among all of Melbourne's excellent vegetarian eateries? Scroll down for additional ideas that go beyond the usual stuffed bell pepper.

Smith & Daughters

This pub and restaurant, with its rock and roll atmosphere and high-caliber vegan cuisine, is anything from boring. Formerly the corner's quaint Spanish eatery, award-winning chef Shannon Martinez has turned the space into one of the city's finest vegetarian restaurants by focusing on providing customers with both healthy options and a positive atmosphere.

The cuisine at Smith & Daughters, which takes its inspiration from Italy, is extensive. The broccoli pesto with the plant-based gnocchi is a must-try; the dish's genuine flavors will take you straight to Italy's cobblestone alleyways. Anyone who visits will have a nice time and have a delicious lunch.

Feast of Merit

Vegetarians may rest certain that Feast of Merit will not disappoint. The vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne was inspired by the north-east Indian notion of holding a large feast, known as the feast of merit, to celebrate a community member's sudden wealth.

Feast of Merit is an effort by Y-Generation Against Poverty to secure ongoing financial support for their charity. Chef de cuisine Ravu Presser serves substantial salads flavored with freekeh and harissa. This hip spot has everything for everyone, including meat and meat-free selections and a cool rooftop bar.


This vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne has a strong South American flavor and serves comfort fare with a friendly smile. The Spanish call the atmosphere "onda," or "vibes." The cuisine is an elegant fusion of classic and contemporary dishes.

For starters, we recommend polenta chips with lime aioli and pickled jalapenos. We recommend the maple chipotle glazed eggplant, slaw, and red pimento puree burger for a main course. There is a spicy Cusco cocktail and other Spanish and Argentinian delicacies on the beverages menu.


Mukka is a great place to obtain high-quality, filling vegetarian meals in Melbourne, and the hip atmosphere and Indian cuisine are just the icing on the cake. This Indian restaurant is friendly to vegetarians and others who choose not to consume meat.

The cuisine is a throwback, with staples like South Indian dosa chicken curry and elements of Indian street food making an appearance. Tandoori mushroom skewers and paneer tikka are two of our favorite dishes from the Tandoor. Indulge in a rose and cinnamon lassi to round out your dinner.


Transformer, a vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne that defies expectations, is king in the Fitzroy neighborhood. The restaurant, located in a building that once housed electrical transformers, has a menu that draws from various international cuisines. Afterward, wash down your meal with one of Transformer's one-of-a-kind cocktails as you enjoy the Beetroot tartare served with cow seed cream, Davidson plum, and russet chips.

Admiral Cheng-Ho

Visit Abbotsford's best destination for handcrafted coffee and organic brunch foods for a more laid-back experience. The trendy eatery is well-known among Melbourne vegetarians for its all-day vegan brunch menu.

Enjoy the simple pleasure of the toasties, or go for something more substantial like the "Northside Jimbo," which is made with cornmeal, miso vegemite, avocado, roasted tomatoes, cheese, and chili oil. Disciple Roasters provides the coffee for the cafe. This restaurant deftly mashes together the best of both worlds, Australian brunch customs, and high-quality vegetarian fare.


Group hug for raw vegans! The eclectic cuisine at Combi, which emphasizes healthful, organic fare, reflects the restaurant's free-spirited, exploratory vibe. Combi is a popular summer destination for those searching for a healthy and refreshing treat, thanks to its wide array of raw cakes, smoothies, and acai bowls.

These days, you can find a Combi at just about any point in Australia, and it's slowly but surely becoming a crucial part of the national summer tradition. Healthy and delicious, the peanut butter cup smoothie is the ideal snack.

Vegie Bar

Vegie Bar is well recognized as the hub of Melbourne's vegetarian restaurant sector. It's right in the middle of Brunswick Street, has a laid-back ambiance, and serves only plant-based foods. For a traditional Vegetarian dining experience, try the Veggie bar's take on Asian cuisines, such as curries and fried noodles. Even though the venue is enormous, patrons should be aware that it tends to fill up quickly. You will leave Vegie Bar feeling satisfied on all levels: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.