Melbourne's Top Steakhouses For Your Next Guys' Dinner
Feb 13, 2023 By Cassandra Bailey

Finding the greatest steak restaurants in Melbourne will seal the deal on Australia's cultural capital and its stellar reputation as a dining destination for locals and visitors. Even if you think the cuisine and drink of Melbourne are overrated, you can't dispute the incredible variety available for those mandatory steak evenings. You may binge on a steak at South Yarra restaurants like France Soir and Angus & Bon or dine in the CBD's Gimlet and Grossi Florentino, all relatively new but well-regarded.

France Soir

France Soir should be one of the first places you think of if you're looking for a tender steak in Melbourne. This South Yarra staple is the steady, strong, and undeniable king of the game for Melbourne's meat eaters. There's always something to eat at this popular French restaurant, from $22 snails in garlic butter to $26 calamari with chorizo and jalapenos. Try the 330g porterhouse ($42) or the 600g ribeye ($53), pair them with some steak tartare or a couple of different cuts, such as lamb shoulder.


You're spoilt for choice regarding Parisian-style steakhouses in Melbourne, but you can avoid decision fatigue by focusing on the top tier. Both prix fixes give you access to a sizable menu, but The restaurant has built its reputation on its steak frites, which are made with beef from pasture-raised Cape Grim Angus porter cattle and come with herb butter sauce, fries, and steak.

Angus & Bon

We are still in the South Yarra area at this point in time. It does not even remotely applicable in any way, shape, or form at all. When they want a steak that is both of great quality and does not blow their budget, locals in the Melbourne neighborhood of Prahran, where Angus & Bon is located, typically head there. The classic style of the restaurant, which focuses a significant emphasis on the dish, places a major emphasis on the exceptional steak selection, which normally offers five basic alternatives.

Which one of these is the most expensive? That would be the grass-fed Angus rib eye MBS4+, which weights 800 grams and can be divided among four people for a total cost of $130. In the same way as France Soir does it, the O'Connor family in South East Gippsland provides the highest quality beef that is utilized in the kitchen. 1 2

Steer Dining Room

Steer Dining Room, which is located in the South Yarra neighborhood as well, is another one of our go-to restaurants since it consistently serves up delicious steak dinners and pays close attention to selecting only the highest quality cattle and cuts. Because, as the company proclaims in its motto, It's important to treat quality steak with the same care as you would caviar.

Steer is home to one of the most extensive collections of Melbourne steaks found anywhere in the city, much alone all of Australia. The expenses that come along with having a genuine love for steak are not inexpensive. The tenderloin eye fillet MBS9+, which retails for $149 and weighs 200 grams, is crafted from full blood wagyu that comes from South Australia's iconic and award-winning Mayura Station.

Pascale Bar & Grill

Amid QT Melbourne's luxurious designer chic splendor, Pascale Bar & Grill stands out as a must-visit restaurant because of its array of trademark offerings. However, the modern baroque decor and signature steak set this place apart. The steak has a distinctively Parisian flair and is a real crowd-pleaser.

The beef tartare with chili, egg yolk, and crisp potato will set you back twenty dollars but will be well worth it if you want to tantalize your taste with some mild meat sweating. A 300g 28-day dry matured beast ($48) displaying the beauties of Gippsland produce, delivered simply with some mild, creamy, and traditional bearnaise, is the eponymous QT ribeye's introductory power move.

La Luna Bistro

You may pop in to La Luna to pick up some of the best tiny gods in Melbourne; however, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't return back at least three times for dinner. La Luna boasts some of the best small gods in Melbourne. The Carlton restaurant owned by Adrian Richardson has items such as the bullbar sausage with potato aioli. We are all aware that the grill is the primary focus of the gathering.